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Prayer Before Communion


O Lord, I am not worthy that Thou should come under the roof of my house, for I am sinful, but say Thou first a word and my soul shall be healed. Say unto my soul: "Your sins are forgiven." I am barren and wanting all righteousness, and have but Thy compassion, mercy and Love-of-Man. And Thou hast condescended from the heaven of Thine ineffable glory to our afflictions and accepted to be born in a manger.

Reject not, O my blessed Saviour to come into my lowly and afflicted soul that awaits Thy radiant presence. But accept to come into my soul to cleanse it.

O Thou who disdained not to enter into the leper's house and to heal him, forbid me not to approach Thy pure Body and Thy Holy Blood, O Thou who prevented not the woman, who was a sinner, from kissing they feet.

Let my communion be for partaking with Thee and for effacing all defilement, the mortification of my lusts, the doing of Thy Life-giving commandments, the healing of my soul and body from all sins, the acceptance of Thy gifts, the endwelling of Thy grace, the descent of Thy spirit for union with and abiding in Thee, that I may live for the glory of Thy Holy Name. Amen.

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