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Prayer After Confession


I thank Thy goodness, O Lover-of-man, because Thou did not wish my perdition, but have awakened me from my neglect and guided me to Thy path.

Thou have brought me back from the valley of destruction to the safety of Thy bosom, so, fill me with hope and faith. I have come to thee a sick person to the Physician, hungry and needy to the Food of plenty, thirsty to the Spring of living Water, poor to the Source of riches, sinner to the Saviour, dead to the Fountain of Life; for Thou art my salvation, my healer, my life, my strength, my comfort, my happiness, and my rest is in Thee.

So help me, protect me, and teach me to put my will in Thy hands, that I may walk according to Thy will. Help my weakness that I May be firm and continue to be faithful to Thee till the end. Amen.

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