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Prayer Before Confession


Holy Father, who wishes the repentance of sinners, promising to accept them back; look, O Lord, at this moment, at a sinful soul who had erred and lost her way in the valleys of transgressions for many years, and wherein she was embittered and wretched for being removed from the fountain of her salvation.

Yet now she comes forth to Thee, asking to be cleansed from all defilement and filth that sullied her. Accept and reject her not, for whether Thou look at her with compassion and deal with her mercifully she will be cleansed and saved; or whether Thou neglect her she will perish.

Grant me grace to come near Thee with faith unshaken and full of hope to confess my trespasses and despise them. Let Thy spirit reprove me for my sins.

Enlighten my heart that I may see how greatly did I err, misbehave, and forsake the way.

Grant me determination to forsake evil that I may be established in Thy commandments and live to glorify Thy Holy Name. Amen.

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