Christian Symbian Mobile Software, Coptic Themes, Logos, and Ringtones

How to use the Christian Mobile files and Symbian software here



First: About the text Mobile tones:

1- Nokia Menu < Tones < Composer
- 6150 and 8210 can receive ringtones via SMS.
2- Ericson Settings > Edit Melody.
3- Siemens Press longer for capital letters. Small letter to have time of 1/8 and capital letters 1/4. Also, press number 0 for a pause (p). Symbol (*) is for higher octave.                     Divider

Second: Christian Mobile Software:

1- Bluetooth * After downloading the software from the website to your PC, if you have Bluetooth in the pc, use it to copy the downloaded file to your mobile, then start a normal 'install' on your cell phone, by clicking on the program, and follow the steps shown..
2- Computer (PC) * After downloading the software on your computer from the website, plug in the cable of the cell phone that you got with when you bought it.

* If you have some special Mobile software installed on your PC (from the original CD that you got with the mobile), open that application (ex.: Nokia PC Suite), and install the software through it to your mobile, and follow the steps given.

* If you didn't have a special PC software for the mobile, move the files from the computer to the cell phone, and then install the software as above.

3- Another Cell Phone You can move the software by Blue-tooth or InfraRed to your mobile, then click setup as mentioned above.

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