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You Crowned The Year With Your Goodness Lyrics

R- Thy goodness fills the universe,

And crowns the year with perfect peace.

The heart sings out in thankfulness,

And sends up a Psalm of praise.

1- Blessed is he who chooses

The threshold of Thy dwellings,

There he sits and nourishes

On the pure food: Thy presence.

Hymns of exultation, for the sacred salvation

Prayers and meditation fill Thy holy tabernacles.

2- Unto Thee due all glory,

Lord of love and of mercy.

With the angels we adore:

Holy, Holy, Holy.

Singing for Your holy Name, proclaiming Your fame,

Saying over and again: Blessed be the Most Holy.

3- At Thy command the tempest calms,

Hills, rivers and mountains,

Valleys, trees and palms

Sing Thy praise O Most Awesome !!

The waves listen to You, lakes 'n rivers worship You,

Thine is all the glory due, my Good Lord in Thy kingdom.

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