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With The Three Wise Men Lyrics

R- The Everlasting Most Holy

Took flesh from pure St. Mary.

He resembled you and me

To show us what love can be:

Glorify, magnify and praise Him forever.

1- Can there be a greater love

More than that of our God,

Who came and took our flesh?

He's the Ever Existent.

2- Unto Him the angels sing,

And the three wise men bring,

Gold, Frankincense and myrrh.

To the Ever Existent.

3- The gift of gold simply tells

That He is the King of kings,

Worshipped by the angels,

He's the Ever Existent.

4- Frankincense is for priesthood;

The ever faithful Mediator

Broke His Body and shed His blood;

He's the Ever Existent.

5- Myrrh says He’ll go through the pain

Of sufferings and disdain;

Die for the sins of the world,

He's the Ever Existent.

6- To the manger with the three,

I go, worship the Baby

Say Holy, Holy, Holy,

To the Ever Existent.

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