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When We Fast Lyrics

R- Jesus taught us when we fast

To pray to our Father who art,

Who art in heaven and in Him

In Him we live when we fast.

1- And Moses got Your commandments

When on the mountain he fasted.

By fasting My Lord please teach me

Your holy commandments and guide me. (2)

2- By fasting Elijah ascended

Up to heaven in the chariot.

Fasting and prayers help make us

Feel like in heaven here on earth. (2)

3- As for the people of Nineveh,

They listened to the words of Jonah;

By fasting their prayer was heard

Because they fasted with pure heart. (2)

4- And Daniel in the den of lions,

Was fasting to the Lord of powers.

By fasting please Lord protect me

From all evil and save me. (2)

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