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Untie With Us

(Arabic version: Douby Dooby Feena دوبي دوبي فينا)



Unite with us, Oh our faithful Church

With your spirit revive us; in your faith preserve us

And to eternity guide us, guide us, and with Christ unite us.


+ And if once our savior gave us and opened our eyes

And we see our faithful church with our souls and hearts

We will see a second heaven adorned with blissful light

We will see its saints and angels and Christ in His might


+ And the Holy, Honorable alter, we see with our eyes

Calling us to a lovely table from heaven for us

Our savior’s Body and Blood dwelling within us

With honor and joy and peace in our second heaven


+ You are like a beautiful bride and Christ is your bridegroom

Seven mysteries are the jewels adorning your crown

Your bread is the food of fellowship that your sons consume

With candles and prayers and incense what a sweet perfume


+ You fed us the milk of love with which you are wealthy

You gave a taste on earth of all things heavenly

You taught us our Savior’s teachings about eternity

Through the Bible and agbeya and psalmody

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