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Ti Agia Barbara Lyrics

1- A perfect Icon: To gaze upon:

On and on: Ti agia Barbara.

2- Was taught by Origen: Brought forth fruit:

In due season: Ti agia Barbara.

3- Had a pagan father: Who never cared:

Listen to reason: Ti agia Barbara.

4- She strived to win: Her closest kin:

And converted him: Ti agia Barbara.

5- Filled with love: The perfect love:

Prayed to save: Ti agia Barbara.

6- A sweet lamb: Tried to calm:

Her father's storm: Ti agia Barbara.

7- Struck by her purity: Belief in the Trinity:

And firm loyalty: Ti agia Barbara.

8- In a rage of anger: He ordered the murder:

Of our good martyr: Ti agia Barbara.

9- A crown of glory: To the saint, the holy:

Lilly of the valley: Ti agia Barbara.

10 To the chaste and celibate: Who remained faithful:

To her Living Christ: Ti agia Barbara.

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