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The Sign Of The Cross Lyrics

R- What a pleasure to live together,

Love one another, join in prayer,

And be with our Savior

Like a wand, His cross in hand,

Firm we stand, as strong as a band

The cross of our Savior

1- We always kiss our precious cross,

The shines for us, and guides us

To the glory of our Savior. (2)

2- My faith is the same as yours,

We are using the same words,

And my cross resembles yours,

Because it's only ONE,

ONE is Christ our Lord.

3- With it they did wonders,

Even the dead they raised,

Many miracles and powers,

With the cross alone?

No, no. In the name of the Lord.

4- In our fight we lift it high,

We draw it when we pray,

Raise our voice to the Lord and cry,

To our faith it is the sign,

The sign of our Lord.

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