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The Remembrance Of Your Holy Name Lyrics

1- The remembrance of Your Holy Name

Thrilled our hearts and our spirits,

O my Lord Jesus Christ

My Good Savior.

2- Everyone should blesses Thee,

The heavenly and the laity:

O my Lord ...

3- Because You are the only Being.

Unto Whom we keep on saying:

O my Lord ...

4- All the nations of the earth,

Praise and sing to Your Holy Name:

O my Lord ...

5- Seven times every day

I pray and bless Your Holy Name:

O my Lord ...

6- With joy we Glorify Your Name,

with the Cherubim we say:

O my Lord ...

7- The glory of Your Holy Name

On the lips of your saints:

O my Lord ...

8- From the morning until dusk,

Your Name is in my heart and tongue:

O my Lord ...

9- With every breath I take

I send forth Your worth and praise:

O my Lord ...

10 Causes of sin and deviations,

May You pluck out of our hearts,

O my Lord ...

11 All temptations of Satan,

May they be driven far away,

O my Lord ...

12 You are above all authorities,

You are the true King of kings,

O my Lord …

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