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The Lord is my shepherd Lyrics (II)

The Lord is my shepherd

I shall be well supplied

Since He is mine and I am His

What can I want beside (x2)

He leads me to the place

Where heavenly pastures grow

Where living waters gently pass

And full salvation flows (x2)

If ever I go astray

He doth my soul reclaim

And guides me in His own right way

For His most Holy Name (x2)

While he offers His aid

I cannot yield to fear

Though I should walk through death’s dark shade

My Shepherd’s with me here (x2)

In sight of all my foes

Though dost a table spread

My cup with blessing overflows

And joy exalts my head (x2)

The bounties of my love

Shall crown my following days

Nor from Thy house will I remove

Nor cease to speak Thy praise (x2)

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