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The Lord Whom I Love Lyrics

The Lord whom I love with all my heart
Was wounded and beaten on my behalf
He who created heaven and earth
Was humbled and crucified to save our souls
And You were numbered with evil men
Not recognized and rejected by them
A thief on the right and a thief on the left
And in the confusion You heard them yell
To save Yourself and come down from the cross


They hurt You and scorned You
With thorns, they adorned You
With words, they wronged You, they did not know
You became man and gave them love and forgave them
To heaven, You prayed they repent and go
And You, on behalf of mortal man,
Suffered the pain as no one can
Were placed in the grave as a sinful man
To take away the sins of the world
You bore my burden, and You are the Lord!


We thank You for the blood that You shed on the cross
And the life that You gave up on our behalf
On the third day, You rose from the dead and raised us
With You, to heaven, we were led
We owe You our love, we owe You our lives
We need mercy to help us survive
Your word is what keeps our spirits alive
And how can I repay You, O my God
When you are the King, and You are the Lord?
I grant my love and heart to You.


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