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The Lent Sundays Lyrics

R- Happy times do we spend

With Our Savior during Lent,

Weeks go by as we fast and try

Living every word He said.

1- First thing we learn to keep

Spiritual works secret and deep,

We fast and offer alms and say,

To you only Lord I pray.

No one sees me except My Lord

Who grants the heavenly reward.

2- First week we learn to seek

Kingdom of God and to keep

Our eyes on Him who can

Clothe the grass of the field,

Following the birds of the air

Who can neither sow nor reap.

3- Second week is our Lord's temptation

By the devil on the mount.

Third week is the Prodigal son,

Can you tell me how he won?

And who is the real Father

There awaiting you to come?

4- Fourth week is the Samaritan Woman

On her sins did she dwell,

Six hours Jesus walked

Just to meet her at the well!!

She knew He's the living water

Everyone she ran to tell!!

5- Fifth week we learn at the people

How you made the cripple whole,

Thirty eight years he had to tarry

Before You said his bed to carry.

Sixth week is the blind born

Whose faith in You won't be torn.

6- Seventh week is Palm Sunday

When we receive You in our hearts,

Clothes and garments we're spreading

And the colt treads on to pass!!

Son of David: Save us all,

Hosanna we won't cease to call.

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