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The Cute Birdie Lyrics

1- I'm a cute little bird,

I love all my brothers.

I like to help my sisters,

Especially the weak ones:

Sewi, Sewi, sew SEW (2)

Sewi, sewi sew sew, sewi sew sew.

2- On the trees I sing, I fly,

I am good, I never cry.

The Lord gives me seeds to eat,

Oh, they taste very sweet!!

Tummy tummy tum, TUM (2)

Tummy tummy tum tum, tummy tum tum.

3- On Sundays to church I go,

Quietly I walk on toe.

With mommy I stand and pray

Then I take holy orban:

Yummy yummy yum YUM (2)

Yummy yummy yum yum, yummy yum yum.

4- In His love my Lord Jesus,

Gave a very pretty dress.

Even Solomon in his glory

Wouldn't have one like this.

Eshy eshy esh ESH (2)

Eshy eshy esh esh, eshy esh esh.

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