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The Bunch Of Grapes Lyrics

1- A purple bunch of grapes,

Red, black or green grapes,

What color could it be

That sweetest bunch of grapes?

2- It grew out of season,

A monk said I have reason

To present it to the senior

My dearest Abbot Macarios.

3- He took it and he thanked

Then gave it to a monk

And said, "He better get it,

He's very weak and old."

4- The old monk thought it's better

To give it to another.

All of them did the same,

They gave it to each other.

5- The bunch came back to the saintly

St. Marcarios who quickly

Gathered all his monks

To tell them of the story

6- He showed the bunch of grapes,

A fruit so sweet to the taste,

Because it stands for love,

The love that never fails.

7- True love grows and grows,

Like candle light it spreads,

We pray the Lord it stays

Kindled in our hearts.

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