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The Bible In The Life Of Ava Antonios Lyrics

1- A living word in practice,

A living word in bloom,

Buried in fertile soil

As a pure seed of corn;

Ava Anthony heard it read

And retained it as said.

2- For as much as I wished to hear,

As much as I longed to see,

Jesus Christ in person

He would bless me and say:

Blessed are your eyes that see,

Blessed are your ears that hear.

3- A rich man went to Him,

But walked out feeling sorry.

St. Anthony the Great

Just listened to the story

In church where it was read,

And retained it as said.

4- The heart is well prepared,

With prayers sanctified;

The word thus bore the fruit,

With the help of the Spirit.

Not just as thirty 'n sixty,

But up to a hundredfold.

5- Christ in your life,

We hear Him in your acts;

Because you have His thought,

Image that we venerate;

With zeal and meditation,

Strength and consecration.

6- A true vivid example,

A holy open book,

Devotion of an ascetic,

The more we hear and look,

A great part is yet untold

Of a life as pure as gold.

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