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Sweet Virgin, Holy Mother Lyrics

1- Sweet virgin, holy mother, pray for us altogether,

Help us care for brothers, and love each other.

We are not alone at all, your prayers support us all.

R- Sweet mother, sweet mother,

Sweet mother, sweet mother,

My holy mother.

2- You're the pride of our race, in God's eyes you found grace.

In the house of Zechariah, Elizabeth praised your faith.

Blessed is she who believed, blessed is she who conceived.

3- And honest intercessor, bearer of the Second Person,

The most pure censer, true queen and supporter;

Every body signs your joy, congregation and clergy.

4- Through you were redeemed, our sins were pardoned.

O fair dove you are favored, you are very highly esteemed.

Through your faithful intercessions, we ask for forgiveness.

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