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Saint Monica Lyrics

R- Never ever ever will perish the son of tears;

The son you cherish can never never never lose.

The Lord has seen your faithful tears,

O Monica, for years and years.

Blessed are you, O Monica!

1- Monica saw that her son was away from God;

Away from His way, denying His love.

She taught and counseled, guide and advised,

He wouldn't listen, then she prayed and prayed.

Blessed are you, O Monica!

2- After him she went far and away,

Searching towns and cities she deeply prayed.

After so many years it was just the time

Of faith restoration to her son Augustine.

Blessed are you, O Monica!

3- When her boat was anchored on the peaceful harbor

Monica rested in the arms of our Savior.

Leaving us a message to every mother:

'Your children are a precious gift of heaven.'

Blessed are you, O Monika!

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