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Saint Mary Of Egypt Lyrics

1- Let us give thanks to the Beneficent,

The Almighty living in the highest,

Let us magnify His majestic kindness,

Whose mercy reached St. Mary of Egypt.

2- She started a very shameless girl,

Resented family, in lust to swirl,

Worldly pleasures her eyes to glare,

Who would believe this is Mary of Egypt?

3- Merging with pilgrims, she took a boat,

As a young lady she never thought,

In the net of the Spirit she'll be caught

To become St. Mary of Egypt.

4- At the church entrance love surrounded her,

Conferred care suddenly stopped her,

And the purity of the Theotokos struck her,

She is not yet St. Mary of Egypt.

5- She couldn't force her way through;

Till a decision with tears paid her dues.

The wretched girl found her clues

To become the great St. Mary of Egypt.

6- She was guided to cross the Jordan,

Live in the wilderness and find solace,

There she spent the rest of her days:

The great ascetic Mary of Egypt.

7- Abbot Zosima discovered her piety,

Deep asceticism and choice of poverty,

For us he wrote the amazing story

Of the great St. Mary of Egypt.

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