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Saint Mary In The Old Testament Lyrics

1- A burning bush in the wilderness,

Seen by the prophet Moses

Is a symbol of St. Mary

Who conceived of the Most Holy.

2- A basket containing manna

Food to preserve and sustain life,

Resembles St. Mary the mother

Who contained the Bread of Life.

3- Two tables in the covenant ark

With ten commandments inscribed,

The ark resembles St. Mary,

She bore the Word of God in truth.

4- With gold denoting royalty,

The ark was covered in and out,

The power and grace on King of kings

Comprised the pure Virgin Mary.

5- Aaron's rod which had bloomed,

Life brought forth out of dry wood,

Same like highly honored Virgin,

Bearer of the True Vine.

6- Jacob's ladder, a link and a tie,

With angels praising the Most High,

Resembles Mary who bore Emmanuel

Through whom we are reconciled.

7- The censer in Aaron's hand,

With glowing ember inside,

Is a symbol of Virgin Mary,

With the Divinity in her womb.

8- A gate in the east said to Ezekiel

Should remain closed forever;

A symbol of the ever virgin

Before and after and through birth.

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