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St. Macrina Lyrics

1- Blessed be our Faithful Good Lord,

Who finds Himself a humble lodge,

In the hearts of those who truly love,

There he rests and also dines.

R- In the shadows of night,

You drew God's light;

As a beacon shining far,

You were a constant guiding star

2- St. Macrina with virtue and grace,

Excelled among the women of her age.

And shown with the blessed saints;

A fine example we love to trace.

3- With hands sanctified by prayers,

And a heart blessed with Psalms,

To righteousness detoured your brothers,

To your mother you were the sweet balm.

4- You shielded Naucratius with God's grace,

Through you he felt His sweet embrace;

The river on the mountain was his place

There he hunted for the elderly and the poor.

5- And Basil who excelled in logic and debate,

Abandoned earthly wisdom and vanity,

With guidance he is a great saint,

Adding a pillar to the Heavenly Community.

6- By storms the family was tossed about,

When Naucratius died and Basil the devout,

Your faith calmed the waves, erased the doubt,

You were the raindrop to their temporary drought.

7- Basil and Naucratius, we forget not the youngest,

St. Peter the bishop who counts with the greatest,

St. Gregory of Nyssa and 4 other sisters,

In marriage and celibacy served the Highest.

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