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Songs Of Martyrs Lyrics

1- We are the sons of martyrs, we are so full of faith;

Our church is victorious, it's the church of the brave.

In Jerusalem martyrs, faithful to our Lord;

He Who died for us, we shed for Him our blood.

The church of Jesus Christ, has no room for Satan.

Our faith is strong and solid, well known to everyone.

2- We are five youngsters, Rebecca's our mom.

And we are four heroes, Dulagi is our mom.

We love Jesus our Dad, with all our little hearts.

For Him we suffered bad, and then shed our blood.

We're children but courageous, we struggled valiantly.

With the reign of Diocletian, and that of Valerie.

3- The church of Jesus Christ, is going to His kingdom.

We welcome all hardships, for the sake of His love.

If thousands are martyred, daily for His sweet sake.

My name will add to them, a fruit He'll like to take.

Our lives are for Jesus, who waits with open arms.

To welcome us to the Father, and give us our crowns.

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