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Seven Times Lyrics

R- Seven times every day,

I praise You for Your commands.

My tongue together with the flute

Utters nothing but Your words.

1- With the Matins early at six,

I lift up my heart and fix,

Every thought and meditation

On my Savior's resurrection.

The true light of every morning,

Hears my humble praise and singing!!

2- The Terce marks the holy hour

When the Spirit came in power,

Mingling in that chamber I pray

With Your disciples and say:

May I truly be filled the most,

With the gifts of Your Holy Ghost!!

3- Every time I pray at mid-day,

I ask My Lord my sins to slay.

He Who was nailed to the Cross I implore,

Cleanse my heart, body and soul.

Deliver our minds of carnal works,

You made salvation in the midst of all earth!!

4- The ninth hour my Lord did die,

On the Cross, and hence I cry:

Crucify all lusts and sins,

And purify the heart within.

Remember me Lord as You come,

And accept me to Your kingdom!!

5- With sunset I pray the Vespers,

Lifting up my eyes I whisper,

With full prudence I transgressed,

With diligence I trespassed!

Relying on Your abundant mercy,

Hasten to me Lord and save me!!

6- Every night before I sleep,

I ask my Lord my soul to keep.

Praying You, Savior abolish,

Every sin, weakness and demolish

All the enemy's wicked intrigues,

Save my soul from his plagues!!

7- Rise up all you sons of light,

Let us praise the Lord of Powers,

All day long and every night,

Sing our psalms of every hour

Let our prayers rise up high

Like incense to the Lord be nigh!!

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