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Saint George Lyrics

1- Let us praise and glorify,

Worship and bless and magnify,

With gratitude we shout and cry

To the Lord of powers the most high.

2- The Lord is glorious in holiness,

The Lord is fearful in praises,

The Lord is doing a great wonders,

He chooses to use human vessels.

3- He gave His people the talents

To tread on scorpions and serpents,

He is the one who strongly wants

To work through His people wonders.

4- Saint George His pure faithful vessel,

Went through many dreadful troubles,

He endured torments and scourges,

For his love is as strong as death.

5- He was stronger than all attempts,

To make him worship or raise incense

To the idols; even with threats

He could nullify their wicked tricks.

6- He set the Lord a seal on his heart,

He set Him a seal upon his arm,

Put up his cross, began to fight,

The holy jealousy ate him up.

7- Through him, prayers are answered,

Through him, problems are solved,

Through him, demons are cast out,

When in his name to the Lord we shout.

8- To this day you stand and fight,

With all courage and with might,

You honored the sign of your Christ,

Hail to the Prince and the valiant.

9- Hail to the hero who's always prompt,

Hail to who never had a doubt,

In the Lord's power and His might,

And boldly declared on Satan a fight.

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