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Pray For Us Mother Lyrics

1- Dear mother of light, and perpetual help,

Pure and celibate, pray for us mother.

2- Soon as the day breaks, soon as I'm awake,

I call on you and ask, pray for us mother.

3- While in your room to pray, an angel came and said,

You'll be the mother of God, pray for us mother.

4- Conceived of the Spirit, gave birth to Christ,

Our Savior and Lord, pray for us mother.

5- He healed our sick, consoled our spirits,

Saved us on the cross, pray for us mother.

6- When you gave the spirit, Christ and His angels,

Took you up to heaven, pray for us mother.

7- And when he comes again, to take us up to Him,

We'll see you there above, and be happy together.

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