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On The Way To Crucifixion Lyrics

1- With my sweet Lord I walk on the day

He was judged and put to death

To Golgotha plodding a weary way,

Burdened with my sins' heavy weight.

R- Holy is my Lord who was crucified,

Holy who was silent when tried,

Holy who was mocked and denied,

Holy is He who willingly died.

2- Can I, with Simon, proceed to bear

The heavy cross after He fell?

My sins are heavy enough to flare

His deep wounds caused by the scourge.

3- For me He prayed deep in the garden,

For me He asked His Holy Father:

"I love them as You have loved Me."

"I desire that they be with Me."

4- For me You accepted disdain;

For me You endured all the pain;

For me You were counted a sinner;

For me You were named an evildoer.

5- My Christ led as a lamb to the slaughter

He opened not His mouth to crucifiers.

The serpent's temptation seduced me,

I crucified You with my iniquity.

6- Was "despised and rejected by men",

As Isaiah the prophet said.

He surely "has borne our grieves."

The Lord has laid on Him our sins.

7- "We all like sheep have gone astray,

We have turned every one to his own way";

We need Your redemption of our guilt,

Grant us eternal life O, Lord.

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