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On The Jordan Bank Lyrics

1- The voice crying in the wilderness

Of John the Baptist and forerunner,

At the bank of the Jordan he stood

Preaching as hard as he could:

2- Repent, repent, bear the proper fruit

Get baptized, repent on your sins.

He called everyone to repent his sins,

Abandon them and get baptized.

3- Jesus Christ who never sinned,

Was very pleased to resemble men.

He asked John to baptize Him

In the Jordan like all sinners.

4- "Let's fulfill all righteousness."

Christ said to the Baptist.

John said he is the one who needs to

Bend and be baptized by Him.

5- The Holy Spirit in the form of a dove,

Was seen coming upon Him.

The voice of the Father from above,

Declared that Christ is His beloved Son.

6- He bore in His Body all our sins,

Died on the cross and was buried.

Once we're baptized we die with Him,

And rise free from all of our sins.

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