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Oh! Rejoice My Soul by Singing Lyrics

(Arabic: Efrahy Ya Nafsy We Ghanny إفرحي يا نفسي وغنّي) *

Oh! rejoice my soul by singing to Jesus your beloved groom
He got back to you your freedom through redemption on the cross

Oh! rejoice my soul by singing Glorify the name of Christ
Who offered himself for yours Remember His bleeding heart


Oh! rejoice my soul by singing Glorify the name of God
Stay awake always alerted praying to Him Son of God

Be His witness by proclaiming the good tidings to all people
Let them know the love of Jesus the savior the true redeemer


Oh! rejoice my soul by singing and wipe off your flowing tears
Make Him the goal of your life In Him you will find delight

As salt and light of this earth speak out of Jesus' salvation
Dedicate yourself to Him our God Jesus the Christ


Different format from

1-Rejoice my soul and sing
To your groom and precious King
Who granted you your freedom
And saved you from your sin
Rejoice my soul and sing
Glorify the name of Christ
You received the greatest gift
Remember His wounded side

2-Rejoice my soul and sing
Worship the name of God
Fight and strive and always watch
And let prayer be your guide
Go and call with all your might
To the sinful and the lost
Tell them all about the Savior
Our Lord Jesus the Christ

3-Rejoice my soul and sing
And wipe all of your tears
Spread your salt, and shine your light
And proclaim the love of Christ
Consecrate all of your life
To your Savior and your God
Preach His Name around the world
Let your purpose be His light

4-Rejoice my soul and sing
Praise Him with a beautiful hymn
Lord of Lords and King of Kings
And the Savior of the world
Shout for joy and praises bring
Worship, let your music ring
Rejoice my soul and sing
Keep His Word always within

5-Rejoice my soul and sing
Keep your eyes towards heaven
Where the Lord of Glory sits
And declare your faith in Him
Our Lord is coming quickly
Like the Book has prophesied
Rejoice my soul and sing
Open the door of your heart

* Second version: translated to English by: Pauline Gamil Girgis.

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