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Ode To St. George, Prince Of Martyrs Lyrics

R- Hail to whose craving us is for eternity,

Hail to whose ardent zeal is for Christianity.

Hail to you the hero, hail to the valiant,

Hail to you Mari Gerges renouncer of idols.

1- A brave valiant soldier in the Roman army

Whose faith remains unshaken in his Risen Christ,

In resolute opposition to the worship of idols,

He declared his pure love to the Lord of powers.

2- You didn't surrender to one temptation,

Your pure heart was stronger than any seduction.

You led the adulteress to sincere repentance,

To the One Holy Name Mari Gerges was your devotion.

3- Armed in Jesus Christ, you stood all the trials,

Like him you were scourged then thrown into jails

All trials and torments you met with startling miracles

When you drew on deadly poison the cross of your Savior.

4- Faithful and true, the cross is your clue,

To every problem dear Mari Gerges that faced you.

And the more they tortured you, the more your love grew

For God to Whom homage and praise are due.

5- An honest firm upholder of the true doctrine,

All brutal violence failed to make you surrender.

Pressed you to comply with imperial edicts,

Tried all their various arts but had to report failure.

6- Blessed is the saint whose assured faith

Of the body resurrection made him welcome death.

You despised temporal pain, endured all the blame,

Even when hoisted on to instruments of torture.

7- Blessed is this life that preached without talking,

Blessed is this powerful witness to our Risen Christ.

Blessed are you who turned your wild persecutors

into firm believers, even into preachers.

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