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Ode To His Holiness Abbot Shenouda Lyrics

1- Abbot Shenuda, a gem on the desert sands,

You sparkled with love and serenity

Your grace got you a room in our hearts,

For excellence, but mostly, for purity.

R- Blessed art thou Abbot Shinouda,

The true abode of the Holy Spirit.

2- Reflections on your days of childhood,

How you offered your food to the poor,

And how at the lake you poured your soul

In deep prayers to the Lord of Hosts.

3- A lad in your uncle's spiritual care,

Heaven declared your worth,

Before your teens you were ordained,

You served as salt to the earth.

4- Monastic firm leadership and devotion,

To the Holy Name that you're bearing,

Teaching and offering every discrete solution,

To your monks as well as the laity.

5- Reflections on your years of seclusion,

Solemn as solemnity could be,

Detecting and fighting the devil's illusions,

From your holy presence they flee.

6- Reflections on the depth of your prayers,

Your ardent love, zeal, and discretion,

A perfect example you set for the fathers,

And for us, what an impression!

7- The secrets of His eternal kingdom,

To you were made manifest,

Endowed with prophecy and heavenly wisdom,

You're found worthy to receive Jesus Christ.

8- Abbot Wissa, your good disciple,

Longed to see our Lord in the flesh,

Through your prayers, he heard His voice,

His sweetness quenched the yearning wish.

9- As images of your life we recall,

We hail your wit, loyalty, and patriotism,

In sincere care of every soul,

You preached against atheism.

10 Meditating your virtues one by one,

We can't help but worship,

And revere the most Holy One,

Whose hands framed your symmetry.

11 For oft at night when I retire,

When in vacant or in pensive mood,

Your life flashes to inspire,

The love of Christ in solitude.

12 Abbot Shenoda, we call upon you,

In your sacred place of glory,

Bless and pray for your children,

As our spiritual needs vary.

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