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O Seeker To Meet Jesus Lyrics

1- O seeker to meet Jesus

Forget your hunger and thirst

(Your food is the bread of life

And you'll drink from his wounded side)3x) (2x)

2- You traveler forget the past

And you'll go steadfast in the path

If you suffer on the road,

Remember for you he died) 3x) (2x)

3- The trumpets will be heard soon

With happiness and sound of joy

(A great feast above the clouds

And a crown for the watchful) 3x) (2)

4- He'll prepare a place for you

He's always waiting for you

(His heart is longing for you,

Blessed are you if you are prepared) 3x) (2x)

5- You are part in Jesus Christ

You who live among the rocks

(Have no fears from all dangers

You're protected by the Lord) 3) (2x)

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