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Nativity Lyrics

1- A Babe in a manger, a Babe on the hay.

A Babe is cuddled in swaddling clothes,

In a barn kept warm by animals' breath,

Its walls in chaff and straw are dressed,

Lit by a beam from the moon and stars

That stone on a blessed peaceful night

When the King of kings laid His head.

2- A Babe stretches a tender hand

And looks at mom with loving eyes,

The Babe waits to be hugged and fed

And cared for like a human would.

The mother and virgin nurses the Babe,

The Babe who thirsts, hungers and cries;

And He is the One who feeds the world.

3- The Babe seems weak but He is awed

By the mighty power of Herod. He thought

His kingdom is one of this world.

This Babe takes flight to a land of peace,

Stranger, fugitive in His own place,

The fax has a cave, the bird has a nest.

For the Son of Man, no room to rest.

4- Out of Egypt the Lord called His Son

To live in Nazareth with the carpenter.

Those who wanted His life are gone.

What good out of Nazareth can come?

People wondered, but this Boy is the one

Who was bruised for our iniquities,

And wounded for our sins.

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