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My Coptic Church So Great Lyrics

(Arabic version: Kanesaty Al Kopteya, Nasharti El Masi7eya كنيستي القبطية نشرت المسيحية)

1-My Coptic Church so great
You spread the Christian faith
In the Ethiopian country
In Nubia and Sudan
In the Western nations
In the African continent
And in European cities
You witnessed for the faith. (2)

O Coptic Church of God
Persecuted but survived
We redeem you with our blood
We redeem you with our lives. (2)

2-In the council of Nicea
Heresies, you stood against
Your deacon Athanasius
He is the hero of faith
St. Clement and St. Oregon
St. Cyril and St. Dioscorus
St.Paul and St. Anthony
Your men that were so brave. (2)

3-A church and a monastery
An altar and a sanctuary
Your sacraments are seven
They lead us up to heaven
By powers so divine
By prayers and by strife
You invaded the desert
To praise God day and night. (2)

4-Jesus Christ visited you
With His mother St. Mary
St. Mark’s blood so pure
Watered you with the faith
O Mother of the Martyrs
St. George and St. Demiana
And the blessed St. Peter
The seal of the martyrs. (2)

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