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My Church, Here Are My Wishes For You Lyrics

(Arabic version: Kanisatee Argo Laky كنيستي أرجو لك)

1. My Church, here are my wishes for you
From God's many riches:
Salvation for all people
O our ship of rescue.

O Lord, come back, look down
And watch us from heaven above
Look after this vine with plenty
Of growth and with prosperity.

2.I ask for God to fulfill all His
Promises to you
And may the Almighty
Fill and replenish you with peace.

3.I ask for comfort for you in
Your spacious palaces
For my brothers, my family
And all my company.

4.I ask for all the goodness and blessings
For the Lord's House
Hoping for victory for you
From the Source of all power.

5.You are our God the Powerful
And faithful Savior,
You help is our only refuge
And our strong shield.

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