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My Church Has Seven Sacraments Lyrics

R- One, two, three, four, five, six, seven

Sacraments of my church,

My gate to the kingdom of heaven,

Where divine glory awaits.

1- A sacrament is a special service

By which we receive special gifts

We feel God's grace overshadow us;

First to start with its Baptism.

2- Three times in water I'm dipped,

Same as Jesus Christ was buried

Out of the font I'm picked,

Like He's risen, that is Baptism.

3- Next is Sacrament of Chrismation.

With Holy Chrism I'm anointed

Thirty-six anointments for confirmation

All my body is sanctified.

4- Third the Sacrament of Confession,

Another word for it is penance.

I confess my sins to Abouna,

And he gives me the absolution.

5- Fourth is the Sacrament of Communion,

When we celebrate the Eucharist;

With my Lord I have union,

I receive His Blood and Body.

6- The Sacrament of Holy Unction,

Whenever we have any suffering,

Prayer and oil have the function,

Of spiritual and physical healing.

7- Sixth is the Sacrament of Matrimony;

Man and woman join in family,

They unite and be one body;

In God's plan everything is holy.

8- The seventh is Holy Orders.

The gift of the Holy Spirit

Is given to who would be clergy,

To continue apostolic service.

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