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Mother Of True Light Lyrics

R- Hail to you mother of true light,

Hail to you mother of perpetual help;

It's always our pleasure

To glorify you

And magnify you

And come to you for help.

1- Who on this earth is a better sympathizer?

Who can be a more generous provider?

You share our happiness and our sorrows

Whenever we have good times or bad ones.

2- Pope Ebn Zara' beseeched you in prayer,

Soon your help was the quick deliverer.

You saved his people, when he prayed to move the mountain

A miracle second to none was your answer.

3- And when Matthias the apostle was in jail,

You prayed for him and your help prevailed

The iron became liquid, you set him free,

Restored his peace, your prayer won't fail.

4- And when in your church of Zeitoun you appeared,

You blessed the people, the sick were healed,

You are our joy, you are the comfort,

The light and treasure of the poor souls.

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