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Love Lyrics

Love, love, love, love,
The Gospel in a word is love.
Love your neighbor as yourself.
Love, love, love.

You are our creator,
You created heaven and earth,
We Worship you.

Jesus Christ,
You are our redeemer,
You redeemed man in love,
We adore you.

Holy Spirit,
You are our comforter,
You fill our hearts and minds,
We need you.

Coptic Church,
You are our pride and joy,
In you we find salvation,
We serve you.

Agios otheos
Agios esheros
Agios asanatos
Alayson emas.

Different format from

Love, Love, Love, Love
The Gospel in a word is love
Love your neighbor as yourself
Love, Love, Love.

You are our creator
You created heaven and earth
I adore You.

Jesus Christ
You are our redeemer
You are our sacrifice
I love You.

Holy Spirit
You are our comforter
You sanctify our souls
I need You.

Coptic Church
You are our blessing and pride
Through Your sacraments we are saved
I serve You

Agios O Theos
Agios Isheros
Agios Athanatos
Eleison Imas.

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