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Lord You Know Lyrics

1- Lord You know that, things can distract,

Deceitful lusts can attract;

Purify my heart, and cleanse my thought

Don't allow Satan to have a part.

R- Purify me, purify me (2)

Lord, I love You, I adore You,

And I know how You love me.

2- Lord You know me, weak and lowly,

Yet full of pride and vain glory,

You're my resort, my peaceful port,

And to Your mercies I flee.

3- Protect my ears, preserve my eyes,

Guide me as I go on weary roads.

I'll watch Your words, follow Your commands,

Because Your love guides and safeguards.

4- Lord You know how, I feel the blame,

The sense of guilt and painful shame.

Pluck all the weeds, protect the seeds

Of my faith in Your Holy Name.

5- I hurt You when I go too far

To gratify my sick pleasures.

When I defile, You reconcile

And bring me back to the Father's home.

6- It hurts me to quit glory,

And go to follow the enemy.

To You I pray, to You I cry,

Kindly attend to my plea.

7- Lord I am blessed, my humble nest,

Is a place where You like to rest.

Dwell in my heart, do not depart.

I'm Yours my most honored guest.

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