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Lord I Need You Lyrics

Lord I need You, I really need You,
Your the only one that I depend upon.
Lord I need You, I really do.

When I'm down, and full of troubles,
You're the only one, who gives me hope.
You wipe my tears, take away my fears.

Lord I'll never be again so far away,
You're my hope, my strength and my way.
You are the one who gave Your life,
On the cross for me.
There is nothing that separates You from me.
Let Your Holy Spirit work inside of me,
To try to know Your endless love.
Lord I need You, I really do.

When I'm weak, and the war is endless,
Your the only one who gives me strength,
You lift me up, to carry on.


In this life, I've felt so lost,
Your the only one who leads the way,
You are the truth, and You're the life.


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