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Jesus Is Living In Me Lyrics

1- My praises are lifted up high, to my Lord Jesus.

And my heart is always longing for your love my Lord Jesus.

For this is my Lord who lives inside my heart and my soul.

So I will pray and I will praise, Jesus is living in me.

R- (Jesus is living in me) (2x)

And no one can take me away from Jesus who's living in me.

(Jesus is living in me) (2x)

And in this life, this is my guarantee

Jesus is living in me.

2- If storms are all around me and nobody is with me

Then wars are getting much stronger, with my stubborn enemy.

I'm not afraid and this is not because I'm strong

But because I'm sure my Lord Jesus is living in me!

3- My Lord, I'm living in your heart and nothing can take me away

And even if my enemies say, "Come with me" I will stay.

Thank you for you are always leading me in your way.

So I'll keep saying out loudly, "Jesus is living in me."

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