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Jesus Came To Bring Us Mercy Lyrics

R- Jesus came to bring us mercy

Jesus came to bring us life again

He loves us, He loves us, He loves us.

1- I confessed I have sinned in the sight of the Lord,

Through my pride, through my malice and weakness.

I've rejected the promise that comes from the cross,

Where the Lord hung above us in meekness.

2- With a word, with a deed, with a failure to act,

With a thought, that was evil and hateful,

I confess to you brothers and sisters of mine,

I have sinned and been proven ungrateful.

3- Through my fault, through my fault,

Through my serious fault,

I confess to you Lord all my sinning.

But look down on me Lord,

grant Your pardon and peace.

With help, I've a new life beginning.

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