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It's Only I !! Lyrics

1- I'm the one who the crown platted,

I'm the one who put the robe;

I'm the one whose hand smitted

Shouting "Hail King" to my Lord.

2- I'm the one who cried out

"Crucify Him", crucify,

In full throat I did shout,

Still today I do deny.

3- I'm the one who pierced Your side,

I'm the one who dares to think

When Your holy Mouth says "I thirst"

Gall and vinegar mixed, You drink.

4- I'm the one tempted as Judas,

With my cheap silver as Thy price,

I'm the one who swears denying,

Everyday more than thrice.

5- You prayed "Father forgive them:

They know not what they do."

I'm the sinner for whom You died,

You are my refuge, where I go.

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