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If Christ Loved Me Not Lyrics

 If Jesus the Christ loved me not
How miserable I'd be?
The only Son of God saved me
His blood was shed for me!

+-------------- Refrain --------------+
| |
| So I owe Him my thanks and praise |
| as long as I shall live! |
| O my beloved fill my heart |
| with heavenly grace and peace. |
| |

If not for His mercy and love
as He had died for me,
I would have been in deep despair
with no hope for repair.

+ + +

If the Son of God loved me not
How helpless I would be?
He freed me from the deadly bonds
of sin and slavery.

+ + +

If the Lord of hosts loved me not
How defeated I'd be?
He delivered my soul from death
and from all misery.

+ + +

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