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I'll Be Waiting For The Lord Lyrics

1- All my life I've been winning, never thought that I would lose.

How can I and I am strong know exactly what to choose.

Not knowing that all this strength is not quite really mine.

Never thought that it was yours you just gave it to your child.

R- (I'll be waiting for you Lord

All my days and all my nights

Praising and serving your name

With my soul and all my might) (2x)

2- To free me you paid the price, for my sins and all my debts.

Not caring about the cross, and the pain till the death.

How can I pay you back for that love that makes me live?

How can I pay you back and I have nothing to give.

3- Lord I'll be waiting for you, you promised your coming back.

Making everything so new all white and never black.

There will be no more tears, no more pain and loneliness.

There will be no more fears only joy and happiness.

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