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I Am But A Sinner Lyrics

1- My Lord Jesus Christ, I'm but a sinner,

On my knees, in tears I confess I'm sinner

My life is phoney,

My sins are so many, (2)

I am but a sinner.

2- Satan is after me every day and night,

With deceit and pleasures he dazzles my sight.

From his grasp save me,

Lord, please protect me, (2)

I am but a sinner.

3- I am the lost lamb, You count me with Your flock;

I'm Your lost penny, rusty as I may look.

You always thought I'm precious,

That's because You're gracious; (2)

And I'm but a sinner.

4- Like the rain drops Your mercies are countless,

As the grains of sand Your compassion is numerous.

The thief You admitted,

The adulteress You accepted; (2)

Help me, I'm a sinner.

5- Lord, Your Name is LOVE, no matter what I do,

Your mercy 'n compassion overshadow me.

No slave is sinless,

A master is forgiveness; (2)

I am but a sinner.

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