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Holy, Holy, Holy Is My Church Lyrics

R- Holy, Holy, Holy is my church,

My home, my comfort and my joy.

1- When I was a baby only forty days old,

Mom & dad took me to church with great joy.

Abouna dipped me in dipped water,

Thrice in the Name of the Trinity.

This was my baptism by which I was born anew.

2- Gradually I grew up on her nourishing teachings;

In the Sunday School with my friends and siblings.

Everytime I go I taste

More and more of God's love.

This is my bigger family that prepared me for community.

3- Best of all is her EVKHARESTIA sacrament;

When we pray the Liturgy and celebrate the Eucharist.

I get the Body and Blood

Of my Lord Emmanuel

I'm in Him and He is in me like a branch is in the tree.

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