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He Is Risen Lyrics

1- My Lord, He died for a kingdom,

To redeem the hearts of men,

Now my people don't you weep,

He has risen from His sleep,

He lives again, Alleluia.

R- Sing Alleluia, the Lord is risen,

He is risen again, Alleluia

2- My Lord came forth like the morning,

With the splendour of the sun,

Came triumphant from the womb

From the darkness of the tomb,

The victory won, Alleluia.

3- My Lord united the mountains,

With the everlasting hills,

Now the seasons and the sea,

Sing the song of victory,

Rocks and rills, Alleluia.

4- My Lord renewed all creation,

That had waited late and long,

Now we all with one accord,

Live and love the risen Lord,

This is our song, Alleluia.

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