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Hark, My Beloved Comes Lyrics

R- Hark! My Beloved here He comes

Skipping leaping upon the hills.

Like a young stag or a gazelle

Behold He is standing behind our wall.

1- I'm dark but lovely in Your eyes

The sun has tanned me and my mother's sons

Looked in anger upon my iniquity

Only you Love see me pretty.

2- My sister, my spouse, my sweet dove,

Better than wine is your love,

Rise up, rise up My fair one,

Winter is past and the rain is gone.

3- Catch us the foxes, the little ones;

Tell my Beloved among the sons,

Tell Him I dosed, tell Him I slept;

And my own vineyard I haven't kept.

4- Tell me O You Whom I love:

Where do You feed Your flock?

"Fairest among women follow in the footsteps

Feed your little goats besides the Shepherds' tents."

5- My Beloved's mine and I am His.

He feeds His flock among the lilies.

With great delight I sat in His shade,

And His fruit is sweet to my taste.

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