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Hail To My Holy Cross Lyrics

1- Hail to my holy cross,

The throne of my Good Savior,

The Lord is clothed with majesty [Psalm 92]

My Lord is a mighty God. [Psalm 94:3]

2- The cross carried the Word of Life,

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

He willingly mounted and reigned

And redeemed us to Himself.

3- On the cross blood and water flowed,

On the cross our redemption is declared,

When Christ bore our sins and died,

And said that "It is finished."

4- With the cross we assume power,

With the cross you are a conqueror,

You defeat Satan and his kingdom

When with the cross you are armored.

5- Hail to the cross sign of power,

Hail to the cross life and honor,

Hail to the cross harbor of the sinner,

We draw the sign and get stronger.

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